A detox is one of the  most powerful and effective ways to revitalize the body, energize up and slim down.

Diana  has gone through many intense detoxes in her health journey and we have taught many successful two day detoxes within our Weekend Web Training and Healthy BootCamp series.

You will learn:

  • How we get so toxic
  • How the body creates its own toxins
  • How those toxins interfere with body functions
  • What benefits you can expect from a detox

This is Warm Weather Information

A warm weather detox is very different from a cold weather detox.
If you are in a cold climate at this time you should look at the  Winter Webinar to get appropriate information.

These are part of the advanced set of 2-5-30 Healthy Diets.

 Detox Part One:

Detox: Part Two

  • Different levels and kinds of detox
  • Best foods and tips for detoxes
  • Upcoming detoxes

 PDF for the Information Slides:

Detox Training

Important links:

2-5-30 Healthy Diets – Pick the season you are in for your healthy detox.

Summer Detox

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