Why she started Real Food for Life

And why she wrote  “Green means Lean”

Most people know Diana Herrington, Head Chef at Real Food For Life, as a perky, passionate compassionate person mingling in all the Edmonton events and having fun sharing health information and strategies.

Diana Herrington, Vibrant and Healthy Today

“94 Pounds and Can’t Move for the Pain and the Fatigue”

Life for Diana has not always so good as it is now.This is exactly why Diana is so passionate about helping others with health and dietary challenges and why her first e-book will focus on the 7 principles of health – these are exactly the principles that made a dramatic difference in her life. Balancing acid/alkaline and food combining where what saved her life.

Principle #1 – Eat Real Whole Food Diana’s health decline began early in life as she was often fed junk food as a child.  She only recognized that fact after many years of suffering mysterious health challenges through most of her adult life.

My Mom was great but she came from a generation and time when the world was enamoured by fancy packages from the store. Everyone thought it was modern and the right thing to do just like smoking. We ate Kraft Dinner and canned beans at least 5 times a week.
There were many times when that instead of dinner, Mom would send us to the corner store and we would buy our choice of a chocolate bar, bag of chips or cheezies and a pop. My choice was always a Coffee Crisp, cheezies and a Pepsi which in my 10 year old mind seemed like a great meal. Is it any wonder I have had a sugar craving my whole life?”

Principle #2 – Regeneration: This principle states that the body is constantly renewing itself and can therefore create a more healthy and balanced condition IF you just supply the proper nutrition.  This is a process that we often take for granted until that ability is compromised.  Diana’s life demonstrates that yes, the body can regenerate! To give you a glimpse of her condition here are a few entries from her diary as she was living, and struggling in England.

“I had another bad night; again woke in the middle of the night with very sharp pains in my guts.  Also, my neck and shoulders were so intensely painful that I could not lay on either side for long. Even my ears hurt.” October 1, 1995

“I am eating very carefully as I never know which of the foods I have found to be good will turn end up causing intense pain.”  October 11, 1995

It got even worse:

 “I must say I am still continuing to get worse in my health.  Every few weeks I notice I am a little worse and feel totally helpless in regard to what is happening to my body.  I am doing what I am able to and still my body is deteriorating. There is nothing I can do about it anymore. I am at the mercy of the others helping me or letting my body die.” February 6, 1996 

It is these kind of experiences that inspired Diana to become involved  in helping others with their health full time for the past 8 years, and why in 2008 she began Real Food For Life website along with friend and colleague, Randy Fritz.  Her next step was to consolidate some of the information from the website and her life into compact e-books for everyone.

I hope that my experiences can help you in your journey to wellbeing.

Green means Lean e-book