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Brazil Nut Burgers

By |February 12th, 2017|

These tasty Brazil Nut Burgers are filled with healthy ingredients and are gluten free and vegan too. This is a recipe that you will love.

Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus

By |October 28th, 2016|

This is a traditional Middle Eastern dip; it is a blend of garbanzo beans, garlic, olive oil, and tahini.


2 cups cooked chickpeas
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons tahini
1 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice (from 1/2 lemon), plus more to taste
1 small clove of garlic, roughly chopped
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
Salt to taste


  1. Drain the chickpeas, save some of the water to use later. Keep a few chickpeas for a garnish.
  2. Put all ingredients in a blender or better is a food processor.  You can add some of the saved water if it needs it for blending.
  3. Blend until it is very smooth which will be 1 to 3 minutes. You may need to scrape the inside of the blender to blend large chunks.
  4. Taste to see if this is the hummus you enjoy. You can add more lemon juice or olive oil to make the hummus creamier.
  5. Put into a bowl, drizzle a little olive oil, sprinkle with paprika and cilantro leaves. Or garnish with few chick peas or olives.
  6. Serve with pita chips or raw vegetables. It will keep for up to a week in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Hummus Variations:

  • Cook your own chickpeas from scratch: How to Cook Beans
  • Add more cumin for more flavour.
  • For a lemony hummus, add more lemon juice.
  • Make an olive hummus, mix in 1/2 cup of chopped green or black olives.
  • Create a nutty hummus by blending in some walnuts or pine nuts.

If time and patience allow, pinch the skins from each of the chickpeas; this will make your hummus smoother. I never do it as it does not make it taste any different and for me it is all about taste.

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Delicious Black Bean Stew

By |October 13th, 2016|

This stew is easy to make and filled with nutritious ingredients.

1 onion, chopped
1 red pepper, sliced
3 carrots, sliced
1 cup fresh corn or frozen
1 cup cooked short grain brown rice
2 – 5 garlic cloves, minced
2 cups cooked black beans
1 piece of Wakame Seaweed, rinsed and broken into pieces
2 – 6 tbsp. Tamari
1 Tbsp vegetable oil


  1. Cook black beans for 2 – 3 hours the time is dependent on the age of the beans. (cook according to this recipe)
  2. Saute onions in a little oil.
  3. When beans are soft, add Wakame and cook for another few minutes.
  4. Then add onions, celery, red pepper, carrots, corn and garlic.
  5. Simmer for 1/2 hour or till vegetables are tender.
  6. Mix in brown rice and add Tamari to taste.

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Sweet Bell Peppers Stuffed with Wild Rice

By |October 28th, 2015|

This sweet bell peppers recipe is a favourite of mine. It’s yummy, beautiful and nutritious! The recipe is vegan and gluten free too.

Bell peppers, with their sweet taste, crunchiness and vivid bright colours, will make your meal beautiful and add many health benefits to your meal too. They can lower the risk of prostate cancer, help repair bones, help prevent anemia and are a wonderful food for weight loss!

Learn more about Bell Peppers, the Colorful Powerfood!

Photo Directions:  (Complete Recipe Below)

Slice off top of peppers and clean out inside seeds. Steam peppers and tops for 5 minutes.

BellPeppersStuffed (6)

Sauté onion and mushroom in oil for 5 minutes and mix in the remaining ingredients.

bell pepper recipe

Stuff mixture into green pepper shells.

bell pepper recipe

Cover with pepper tops and place into baking dish.

bell peppers

Bake at 350º F. for 25 to 30 minutes.

bell pepper recipe

To serve cut the peppers in half.

bell pepper recipe

Serve with Tahini Cream Sauce.

Here is the full recipe:
Sweet Bell Peppers Stuffed with Wild Rice


Bell Peppers
1/2 Small Onion (Chopped Finely)
1/4 Pound Mushrooms
1 Tbsp Almond or Coconut Oil
1 Cup Long Grain Brown Rice (Cooked)
1 Cup Wild Rice (Cooked)
½ Cup Frozen Corn
¼ Cup Parsley (Chopped)
1 tsp Himalayan Salt


1. Slice off top of peppers and clean out seeds inside.
2. Steam peppers and tops for 5 minutes.
3. Sauté onion and mushroom in oil for 5 minutes.
4. Mix in the remaining ingredients.
5. Stuff mixture into green pepper shells and cover with pepper tops.
6. Place into baking dish.
7. Bake at 350º F. for 25 to 30 minutes.
8. To serve cut the peppers in half.
9. Serve with Tahini Cream Sauce.

Tahini Cream Sauce


This is a very simple and quick sauce to make.


1/4 cup Light Tahini (sesame butter)
1/4 – 1/2 cup Water (the reason there is such a variance in the water is because some tahini is thicker than others)
1 tsp Lemon juice
Vege Salt to taste


1. Put tahini in a small deep bowl.
2. Slowly add water and blend with a fork.
3. At first it will make a thick sauce.
4. Add water until it is a creamy sauce.
5. Add more water if you would like it thinner.
6. Use on top of steamed vegetables or a grain like brown rice.

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Vegetable Stew

By |May 6th, 2015|

This is a very nutritious stew with 4 of the 12 Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods.  It is an easy stew to make.


1 bunch Broccoli
1 cup shredded Cabbage
1 large Onion
2 large Carrots
2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
2 tsp fresh Ginger, grated
1 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Himalayan salt
Black Pepper to taste
1 – 2 cups Water


1. Remove skins from onions, chop fine.
2. Sauté onion in coconut oil till golden brown in a large sauce pan.
3. Add spices, sauté for a minute, stirring constantly.
4. Add 1 cup of water and cook for 10 minutes to make flavourful stock.
5. Chop the rest of the broccoli into 1 inch pieces and carrots into slices.
6. Pour stock into a saucepan.
7. Place all vegetables into a saucepan.
8. Add just enough water to half cover the vegetable.
9. Cover with lid and cook for 10 to 15 minutes till almost tender, stir occasionally.
10. Don’t overcook the vegetables till they’re mushy; it will taste better if there is a slight crunch to the vegetables.
11. Enjoy.

Smartest Prank Ever

By |December 22nd, 2014|

Are you ready for a laugh on #MeatlessMonday?

Don’t watch if you like to eat pigs.

Fox N’ Friends Thinks Meatless Monday is a Plot to Brainwash Kids

By |November 30th, 2014|

We are great Meatless Monday fans here on Real Food for Life and fully support the Meatless Monday movement.

Being an avid Twitterer I saw this video.

The video is hilarious!  And at the same time sad to see such narrow-mindedness.

Really! Is having a MeatlessMonday in schools propaganda?  Then what does it mean when all the other days of the week are meat meals for the children?

I am very much involved in this movement every Monday on Twitter, see me there:  If you are on Twitter check out the hashtag #MeatlessMonday for many recipes and inspiration.

Every Monday on Facebook we post a Meatless Monday inspiration or recipe.
Join us:  RealFoodforLife

Also, there are lots of recipes right here: Meatless Monday Recipes

Cardamom/Coconut Rice Pulao

By |September 11th, 2014|

I made this rice pulao for a potluck birthday party a few years ago; it was a favourite.
I took all of my favourite pulao ideas and put them together into this one recipe and am happy to say it is the best one I have come up with so far!!!!! […]

Is the Meatless Monday Movement For You?

By |April 12th, 2014|

There’s a growing worldwide movement to help you and the planet! Discover the many benefits of eating less meat and how you can participate.

Have you heard of the Meatless Monday movement?

It was developed to encourage people to have one day per week without meat.

It is not about becoming a vegetarian — although it can be a baby step toward vegetarianism. It’s simply about having all the meals for one day each week without meat.

How did Meatless Monday begin?

During World War I, American families were urged by the government to reduce consumption of key staples due to a “Food will win the war” mentality.

“Meatless Monday” and “Wheatless Wednesday” became weekly trends. More than 13 million families signed a pledge to observe the national meatless and wheatless conservation days.

What is Meatless Monday Now?

Meatless Monday was revived in 2003 to help prevent illnesses associated with excessive meat consumption. Americans eat almost 50 percent more than the recommend daily amount. Meatless Monday’s message is: “one day a week, cut out meat” to help people to do something good for themselves and for the planet.

Why Monday?

  • It’s the day people look to start new positive changes.
  • It’s the day (Monday blues) that we NEED help with our help.
  • It’s fun! (Meatless Monday has a better ring than Meatless Saturday)

Read more info on the many Monday Health Trends which is very interesting.

Do We Really Eat TOO MUCH Meat?

Well … Yes. As societies become more affluent they eat more meat. The China Study goes into detail about how the health of a nation declines as they become wealthy enough to eat large portions of meat.

Are There Health Benefits From Going Meatless?

Reducing your meat intake can lessen your own risk for developing chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

Check out this delightful Meatless Infographic.meatless infographic

  • Vegetarian diets may lower blood pressure. People eating a vegetarian diet have been found to have lower blood pressure than meat eaters, according to a new review of past studies.
  • Daily Dose of Red Meat Can Be Deadly.We know from vast amounts of research that lots of red meat is simply not healthy. Dr. Dean Ornish (President at Preventive Medicine Research Institute and Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco) suggests that red meat lovers can reduce their risk by cutting meat one day a week. He argues, “Something as simple as a Meatless Monday can help. Even small changes can make a difference.”
  • Too much animal protein linked to increased diabetes risk. People who eat the most protein from animal sources, are more likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, according to a study of Europeanadults.

What Are the Benefits FOR THE PLANET of Reducing Meat Consumption?

If you are not convinced this is good for your health, then do it for the planet. Our earth is in serious trouble from the effects of raising livestock.

“Enough grain is squandered every day in raising America’s livestock for meat to provide every human being on earth with two loaves of bread” – John Robbins (From ‘Diet For A New America’)

  • It takes 13 pounds of grain and 12,000 gallons of water to produce a single pound of meat.
  • The climate change cost of animal meat production is greater than the cost of cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together. This is not just vegetarians or health advocates saying this either. The World Health Organization, Scientific American, New Scientist and Readers Digest have […]

Creamy Chickpea and Rice Pie

By |April 1st, 2014|

This chickpea pie is a very tasty meal which does take a little extra time to prepare but it is worth it. […]

Why Monday? For Meatless Monday

By |March 8th, 2014|

Why is Monday a good day for health?

1. The week is a critical unit of time in shaping human life. We plan our lives by the week, keeping track of where we’ve been and where we’re going.  Studies support the idea that frequent, periodic health messaging which taps into this pervasive weekly rhythm can be effective. 1

2. Monday has special significance in Western culture as the beginning of the week. While there are negative associations around the “Monday blues” in popular culture, there are multiple efforts to reframe Monday positively as an opportunity for a fresh start.1  One study found that 57% of people saw Monday as an opportunity for a fresh start and a day to “get my act together.” 2

 3. Health promotions at the beginning of the week have the potential to reduce negative health events. There’s a spike in heart problems, occupational injuries, strokes, suicides and referrals to secondary care on Monday, which researchers believe is caused by stress, unhealthy weekend behaviors and disruption of sleep cycles. Health promotions that foster a positive transition back to a structured routine have the potential to improve these outcomes.

4. People are already using Monday as health day. They’re more likely to start diets, exercise regimens, quit smoking and schedule doctor’s appointments on Monday than any other day.  Health promotions that can reinforce this behavior can help people stay on track with their health goals. 2


5. On Mondays, people are seeking health information. Internet searches related to health behaviors are higher on Monday than on other days of the week. (For example: “healthy recipes,” “Healthy kids,” “healthy weight.”) 3


To learn more about the utility of Monday to start and sustain positive behavior change, please visit

1 Johns Hopkins Center for a Liveable Future (2010). Healthy Monday: Two literature reviews.
2 FGI Research, Inc. (2012). The Meatless Monday Campaign 2012 Research. Online panel of 1,000 respondents.
3 Google Insights for Search. Accessed Nov 2, 2011

Delicious Vegan Pesto

By |November 14th, 2013|

I love this vegan pesto without the cheese; it tastes like the real thing only better! Toss with pasta or serve with bread or crackers for an appetizer.