How Do You Heal? – Poll

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What Healing Approaches and Techniques to  Add For Complete Health

At Real Food For Life, we tend to emphasize nutrition and food.  Also, we know there are many other important factors in achieving health.  Both Diana and myself have researched and practiced personal development and meditation techniques for 30 plus years.  We understand the necessity for a holistic approach.

We want to give YOU a chance to express what you feel is important.

What have YOU found that has made a big difference?

What would YOU like to hear more about?

We know it is challenging to separate these factors, so just pick out the top 2 or 3 that speak out to you at first glance and check the box.  You will see the results immediately afterward you vote.   You can vote as often as you wish.

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Government Promoting Dairy Poll

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dairy junk foodWe would like to hear what YOU think and feel about the government supporting and promoting dairy.
You can vote, then see the results.

You can share the results yourself, plus we will share them to our 10,000 subscribers, our 63,00+  combined twitter followers and our 2000+ facebook followers.

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Read HOW the government supports junk dairy here:  Government Support Junk Dairy Food

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Happy New Year in 2015!
May your year be filled with gentleness and peace

According to Chinese astrologers:

Each year (starting from Chinese New Year) is associated with an animal sign, occurring in a 12-year cycle. For example, 2015 is a year of the Goat.

  • Lucky Colors: brown, red, purple
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
  • Lucky Flowers: carnation, primrose
  • Year of Birth: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

Sheep (goat, or ram) is among the animals that people like most. It is gentle and calm. Since ancient times, people have learned to use its fleece to make writing brushes and skin to keep warm. The white cute creature often reminds people of beautiful things.

Happy New Year 2014!

May the year of the Wood Horse gallop you into prosperity and good health.

According to Chinese astrologers:

This year of the Wood Horse is promising to be a year of extremes. Be ready for adventure and expect the unexpected.  There will be fast victories and surprising romance. It is a great year for travel distant places off the beaten track.

The horse gallops quickly in its year; you want to be sure to be galloping in the direction of your choice. If you are not 100% sure, then don’t do it. That said you have to act fast in a Horse year not procrastinate.

Did you know that Chinese New Year is a spring festival?  That’s right spring!  Hard for those of us in subzero temperatures to comprehend. It begins on the second new Moon after Winter Solstice every year.

Celebrations begin this year on Friday January 31 and continue until February 15, when the moon is brightest.

Find a celebration near you to join in on the fun.

Fathers Need to be Thanked Too!

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Father’s day often gets forgotten but fathers need to be thanked too.

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. –  Jim Valvano

That quote sums it up for me and my father. I knew he believed in me.

The idea for Father’s day began when Sonora Dodd, of Washington while she was listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909.  […]

Saving Water for the Environment – Past, Present & Hopefully the Future

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 save shower water

Earth Day Special

by Carla Janzen

As a child I remember our family being very thrifty with water. I have great memories of going to my Grandmother’s house in the 50’s. Bath night was quite a ritual of events. My Mom and Aunt’s would pump water at the kitchen sink, heat it up on the stove and haul it to the big ole claw legged tub. We had a rotation of youngest to oldest and I was often the winner of first place. With each new person bathing more hot water was added to the tub. At the end of the evening the water was hauled out to water the garden, trees or the ditch.

Do You Love Your Morning Shower? […]

Healthy Weekend BootCamps

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health bootcampBootCamps Give Your Health Journey of Huge Boost 

You have probably been exposed to lots of good information. 
Why don’t we apply it?

1. Information seems  too complicated.
2.  We are not sure who we can trust.
3.  We are too busy to focus and can’t wait for results.
4.  Our culture and  friends  do not support change.

Real Food For Life BootCamps Provide

  1. Information from a trusted source.
  2. Focus to gain skills from the comfort of your home.
  3. Support to gain confidence.
  4. Enough results so you will be inspired to continue.

We won’t be shouting in your ear to ‘work harder’ but the conference calls and group feedback will still keep your going!

The Healthy BootCamps will consist of:

  • ‘Getting Started’ conference call of one hour.
  • Two 1/2  hour conference calls over the weekend that will focus every0ne as a group on a particular approach or area of health.
  • For the weekend you will be following the specific food guidelines and recipes for the BootCamp.

For example in July and August, watermelons are in season so we did a Watermelon Cleanse BootCamp Weekend.  Watermelons are cleansing and alkaline and a perfect way to balance your body over a short period of time IF you do it right! .

What will happen:

  • You will receive a shopping list before each weekend.
  • You will only be committing to about 2 hours of calls.
  • If you missed the conference due to scheduling you will be able to listen to the recording.
  • The group and your commitment will keep you ACCOUNTABLE!

Upcoming Healthy BootCamp Weekends:

  1. January 18 – 20:  Healthy Weight loss BootCamp :  Strengthen, Balance, and Slim Your Body with Acid/alkaline and Food Combining Principles

Finished BootCamps that You Can Complete On Your Own Schedule:

Food Combining and Alkaline Balance Bootcamp     to Lose Weight and Regenerate

Alkalize Your Body BootCamp   Change your life in just two days by shifting your body into balance.

Extra weekend BootCamps:

  • The Healthy Chocolate Project

Watch for upcoming dates of these BootCamps in November, February and March.

Next year there will be more BootCamps:

  • Grains – knowing what and how to prepare.
  • Food Combining to lose weight and better nourishment
  • Spring Cleanse
  • Getting Those Greens into You
  • Dandelion Cleanse – Celebrating Dandelions
  • Back to Roots for deep nourishment



Special Discount Pricing: 

Normally a boot camp could cost $120.00 -$180.00

Regular Price: $59.00 $39.00 for single Weekend:

Make a long term plan to focus on your health.

Subscribe to a boot camp every month. You can cancel at any time.

Only $29.00 / month.


Enjoy even more savings by paying for 6 months in advance.

Single Payment only $120.00 for half a year!

Diana reveals some of her difficult health story….

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Eating Green, Clean and Lean E-book will focus on the 7 principles of health. Principle #1 - Eat Real Whole Food Diana’s health decline began early in life as she was often fed junk food as a child. She only recognized that fact after many years of suffering mysterious health challenges through most of her adult life.

E-Book Survey Questions and Results

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What is YOUR Main Health Challenge?

Survey Questions: 

We are VERY close to finishing the first of our long awaited e-book in our series 'Eating Green, Clean and Lean' with Real Food information and recipes.

We will be releasing it soon, but before we do we need to ask you a couple of questions if you haven't already done so.
Would you help us out?
You can answer the questions here, (and get a little more information on the e-book) by following this link:  E-Book Survey

Survey Results: (one day later)

We are appreciating all the responses we have received so far from the survey.  Thank you all. They were both informative and heart warming. One kind person even corrected my spewwing spelling!
Below are the results to the first question. It summarizes the responses from just from a few hours after we sent the survey out. We will be updating this as we get more responses.
Time seems to be one of the most obvious problems with eating better.
Just so you know – ALL the recipes in our e-book are meant to be simple and fast but Diana is going to review them – just to be sure.

"I wish I had the time, recipe skills and knew the principles of healthy eating that I now have when I was managing a large business in London, England 25 years ago.  In my busy-ness I did not take the time to cook for myself or eat well.  My whole life crashed. It took me 10 years to get my health back."  Diana

Being PREPARED is an issue Diana will be dealing with more fully in our second e-book.  It will be more like a cooking boot-camp but this first one will prepare the way

Is this your biggest roadblock to eating better?  You can leave your comments below.  Below is also the results to the second question…..

Again the responses are very interesting.  We put […]

The Health Tribe Forum Interviews the Experts

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Inspiring & Insightful Interviews

Here are some amazing stories from Health Tribe Forum experts.   

All complete interviews are now available for download.

mike mahler


Mike Mahler Fitness and Health Trainer

Mike is highly regarded by top fitness trainers and athletes in the world.

Listen to what Mike has to say about the Health Tribe Forum and good nutrition. 

Mike's talks about his struggle to get his life on track, why he is vegan even though he didn’t want to be a "90 lb. stick", his real food regime to eat 'perfect meals’ every time and the Four Pillars of Strength that you must implement to succeed in all your goals.

$15.00      $9.00

Ann Bond


Annie Bond "Queen of Green" Author of 4 housekeeping books.

Hear how Annie became an world authority and published some of the most recoginzied information on keeping your home and and your life green.

Annie shares her complete inspiring story, plus why so many poeple are sensitive today, plus many useful tips on keeping your home clean.

$15.00      $9.00


Mimi Kirk


Mimi Kirk Voted "Sexiest Vegetarian over 50" (she is 72)

Enjoy Mimi explaining what it means to her to be voted 'sexiest vegetarian''

In the complete interview Mimi shares her complete amazing story.  she then  reveals her strtegy on a  daily basis to keep healthy and youthful.  She describes what is in HER fridge right now, gives some favorite recipes,  and even gives tips on how to get good nights sleep.

$15.00      $9.00


robert cheeke


Robert Cheeke World’s most recognized "Vegan Body Builder"

Listen to how Robert Cheeke changed his life.

Robert then gives clear instructions of how to change YOUR life in the next 5 minutes , plus simple […]

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