Balance Your Body – with Alkaline Balance

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Acid is for Your Car Battery…Not Your Body!

The  principle of PH balance helped me regain my health more than anything else in my entire 39 years of looking for answers.  Doing this one simple thing will solve many of your nutritional worries. What you eat affects your acid alkaline balance.

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 10 Benefits of Having a Balanced Body’s pH:

  • Skin more elastic, youthful.
  • Deeper more restful sleep.
  • Abundant physical energy.
  • Suffer from fewer colds, headaches, flues.
  • Good digestion.
  • Less arthritis.
  • Reduction of candida (yeast) overgrowth.
  • Won’t support osteoporosis.
  • Increased mental acuity, mental alertness.
  • Legal natural high.

Did you know that the water fish swim in needs to be the correct pH in to live? Life only exists where there’s balance, and your body is totally regulated by pH!  Are you too acidic?

Check out this list of symptoms of being too Acidic







Digestive issues:

  • Excess stomach acid.
  • Acid reflux.
  • Gastritis.
  • Ulcers.
  • Saliva acidic.

Unhealthy Skin, Nails and Hair:

  • Nails are thin and break easily.
  • Dry skin.
  • Cracks at the corners of the lips.
  • Hair is dull with split ends, and falls out.
  • Hives.
  • Very pale face.

Teeth and Mouth Issues:

  • Loose teeth.
  • Teeth sensitive to hot, cold, or acidic foods.
  • Teeth have a tendency to crack or chip.
  • Sensitive gums.
  • Mouth ulcers.
  • Infections in throat and tonsils.
  • Tooth nerve pain.

Eyes, Head and General Body:

  • Headaches.
  • Low body temperature (feels cold).
  • Tendency to get infections.
  • Leg cramps and spasms.
  • Eyes tear easily, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the eyelids and corneas.

Nerves and Emotions:

  • Low energy; constant fatigue.
  • Being continually depressed with a loss of joy and enthusiasm.
  • Excessive nervousness

Would you like to know:

  • how to balance your pH?
  • the 10 tips for creating a balance of alkaline/acid in your body?
  • how to test your ph balance?
  • what the alkaline and acid foods are?

Alkalize your body with: Lemon Water (AKA Sugar-Free Lemon Aid)

Note:  Learn about alkaline balance. I also teach you how to cook and combine meals in my Alkalize Your Body Web BootCamp.

We created  WeekendWeb BootCamps so people would have skills and confidence to apply knowledge rather than just think about it or try and give up.

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Acid balance

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This e-book is an extended chapter from my larger e-book Eating Green and Lean

If […]

Green means Lean E-book

By |September 24th, 2010|

7 Health Principles to Simplify & Balance Your Life! 'Eating Green, Clean and Lean' cuts through the confusion, by starting you in the right direction with clear, simple health PRINCIPLES.

Diana reveals some of her difficult health story….

By |September 13th, 2010|

Eating Green, Clean and Lean E-book will focus on the 7 principles of health. Principle #1 - Eat Real Whole Food Diana’s health decline began early in life as she was often fed junk food as a child. She only recognized that fact after many years of suffering mysterious health challenges through most of her adult life.

E-Book Survey Questions and Results

By |September 6th, 2010|

What is YOUR Main Health Challenge?

Survey Questions: 

We are VERY close to finishing the first of our long awaited e-book in our series 'Eating Green, Clean and Lean' with Real Food information and recipes.

We will be releasing it soon, but before we do we need to ask you a couple of questions if you haven't already done so.
Would you help us out?
You can answer the questions here, (and get a little more information on the e-book) by following this link:  E-Book Survey

Survey Results: (one day later)

We are appreciating all the responses we have received so far from the survey.  Thank you all. They were both informative and heart warming. One kind person even corrected my spewwing spelling!
Below are the results to the first question. It summarizes the responses from just from a few hours after we sent the survey out. We will be updating this as we get more responses.
Time seems to be one of the most obvious problems with eating better.
Just so you know – ALL the recipes in our e-book are meant to be simple and fast but Diana is going to review them – just to be sure.

"I wish I had the time, recipe skills and knew the principles of healthy eating that I now have when I was managing a large business in London, England 25 years ago.  In my busy-ness I did not take the time to cook for myself or eat well.  My whole life crashed. It took me 10 years to get my health back."  Diana

Being PREPARED is an issue Diana will be dealing with more fully in our second e-book.  It will be more like a cooking boot-camp but this first one will prepare the way

Is this your biggest roadblock to eating better?  You can leave your comments below.  Below is also the results to the second question…..

Again the responses are very interesting.  We put in the "Reading Real Food posts" choice – as a joke but as you can see many people thought it was important. It's great to know this info is making a difference!
We also had a lot of 'other' comments. They ranged from eating garden and local fresh produce to eating concentrated herbal foods. I liked this one.
I am none of these, but want to be!
We will be reviewing the complete list later.  We wanted to also thank […]

Randy Turns into Master Chef with New Nutrition/Recipe Book

By |July 9th, 2009|

chefI feel like a master chef!  

I've created more new dishes from my kitchen in the last few days than in the last few years.  I'm the 'test cooker' for Diana's new recipe book filled with Powerfoods.  That means I get an advance copy and see if I can easily follow all the directions and come up with great tasting meals.

The key words here are easy and practical. I've done my own cooking for a long time but I don't tend to use cookbooks because they are so fussy and particular. I find that I can go to all kinds of work getting the ingredients for just a single recipe and not use it a lot, therefore wasting the ingredients and my time. Because of this, I end up eating a limited set of meals I know I can make well and fast.  It HAS to be simple, easy and useful.

It's great therefore to learn new possibilities and master new skills – and that is what this book was intended to do.  It gives a new person starting into a healthy way of eating the basic knowledge and skills to get on a healthy diet. One that was easy to prepare. 

Diana has carefully planned out every possible meal for more than two weeks.  It includes a shopping list of easily available food items that will be used several times thought the program, special getting ready sessions that allow a person to prepare several aspects of the weekly routine ahead of time,  and then the actual recipes themselves with plenty of nutritional and cooking tips included.

The reason I like this book and think it would be great for others is:

  • Gives a new person an easy simple start to eating and cooking healthfully – so they don't get discouraged or overcome.

  • Shopping lists filled with Powerfoods can be bought almost exclusively at the local grocery store so that a person is not spending a lot of time buying unknown (read weird) stuff that they are not sure of.

  • Many of the meals are simple meals that a person has already experienced or heard about. They are included because they are already in a healthy category or they have been slightly adjusted to make them more healthy

  • Carefully planned out the meals for maximum efficiency have been created by Diana. For example she plans you to make extra rice for your evening meal because she has a menu that uses that rice for the next day's salad or a dessert. This kind of efficiently saves both TIME and MONEY.

  • Book is filled with nutrition tips and preparation tips.

  • The meals taste great. Do I need to say more?

  • Once a person has mastered these meals – there will be more advanced planners to keep it all interesting and more refining in terms of balancing the body.

Using this cookbook has even made my daughter more polite!  My just-past-teenage daughter Asha usually kind of ignores or avoids my cooking whenever she can.

Just last night for example I had asked her if she wanted to eat with […]

Healthy Cooking E-Book!

By |January 18th, 2009|

Every day our Healthy Cooking E-Book is getting closer to completion.  The last thing we have to choose is it's title and you can participate.  We have already had some great suggestions buy maybe you have a better one.

This book really is an entry level book for those who are just beginning to turn their eating style around.  It is for those who are on their way to creating a higher energy level in their body.  It is the foundation of eating in a new and exciting way that will change your life.  It is a book filled with simple solutions and recipes for your new way of eating without being rocket science. When you change your way of eating to include Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruit and Whole Grains, you begin to feed your body the nutrients it is longing for. How will Healthy Eating affect You?

  • sleep better at night
  • increase your energy levels
  • be your correct weight
  • have less colds and flues
  • moods stable, less mood swings

There is just one slight problem, – we can't decide on a title so we would ask your opinion. Which book titles would you be attracted to and consider purchasing.

There is many considerations. Some men for example would not want a 'recipe' book but they would want a 'guide'. We have had a lot of fun with this!

We have listed several titles (sometimes with their subtitles) below. Please comment which ones you like the most (or least) and why.  If you come up with a brand new title you can throw that in also!

  • One Great Easy Meal a Day How To Get Your Health on Track
  • Real Food for Real Men The Lazy Man's Guide to getting Your Health On Track
  • Real Food for You! The Simple Guide to Healthy Eating with Live Food.
  • One Great Meal a Day for Idiots
  • How to Make Quick Easy Extremely Healthy Meals You can leave your comments below where they will be posted on this site or you can email us directly at  editor@realfoodforlife.com. Thanks a lot in advance.