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green means lean 600Green Means Lean

Green Means Clean

Start Eating Right Today!

1 Clear Starting Point in Knowing Exactly What to Eat

5 Easy Steps to Master Balancing Your Body

7 Health Principles to Simplify Your Life

17 Delicious Recipes (and More )

Within minutes you can be learning how to strengthen & energize your body with the right foods for you: Immediate Download!

 “In my  35 years of struggle and achievement in the health arena, I have tried well… almost everything.  That means YOU don’t have to!  All those years of learning have been distilled down to a  list of seven simple health PRINCIPLES that are easy to remember and apply.

Starting out in STEP ONE with the most fundamental principle makes it so much easier. You can then be gently guided to higher levels of balance in your body.”   Diana Herrington

The 7 Principles Deal With:

  • Why is it that we do not know what to eat?
  • Is that real food in your shopping cart?
  • The secret category of food that everyone needs more of.
  • How does your body stay young? – The miracle of regeneration.
  • How to balance your body’s pH simply and easily.  Learn aboutAcid Alkaline Balancing’ for a healthier body.
  • Do you eat to live or live to eat? – Learn about ‘Food Combining’ properly for best digestion and slimness.
  • Is cooked food making you sick? How to find the right balance between raw and cooked food.

To help you apply these principles, you will also receive 17 quick, delicious recipes – each with a preparation time of 20 minutes or less.


What are others are saying about the Real Food information and Diana’s help?

“I’ve made two of the Real Food For Life recipes so far and my family loved them. The Amazing Sugarless Date Squares are just right: not too sweet, healthy and flavorful. My husband found the recipe so easy-to-use that he made them without any problems! Now that’s a bonus! I also made the Adzuki Vegetable Bean Stew. The stew looks pretty boring but don’t let that stop you from trying it: it’s surprisingly tasty and filling!” Lynn Fraser, Edmonton, Alberta

“Learning to eat more healthily improved my life-style and my fitness levels. A course/book like this makes eating towards a better life, so much more easy.”  Peter O’Connor

“I absolutely love the recipes Diana. I also find things like rice syrup mentioned. I didn’t know there was such a thing. This is wonderful to know to look for some alternative. We have to get away from things like the fructose and I don’t want to support the companies who are putting such items on the shelves of our stores. God Bless you two and CONGRATULATIONS on your books. We really do appreciate your hard work.”  Christine Riddel, Manitoba.

“Since I met Diana, my eating habits and overall life style is on a big turnaround. I am sure there are many more people like myself who need to learn about eating right and healthy. Thank you Diana.” Eva Ferianec, Edmonton, Alberta.



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