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We know you will be very happy with this  training.

We wanted to give you one more bonus possibility - something to boost the effectiveness of the course that last bit.

A  Vital Health Assessment will tell you exactly

  • How vital your system is.
  • Where your weaknesses - which system to focus on. 
  • Your level of food sensitivity, heavy metals, candida.
  • Which herbal foods and supplements will raise your vitality.
  • Do you need more or less protein and carbs and which essential fatty acids your body needs now.

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Normally this analysis costs $80.00

A personalized coaching call with Diana costs $60.00

Total for both is $140.00 which is well worth it.

We want you to get the most from this course so ...

We are offering you these two additions for only $75.00 for both!

If you choose this option an additional $75.00 will be added to your purchase.

This deal is ONLY available with the purchase of the Fall Diet, Detox and Strengthen Training.

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